Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Come What May..........

I Was Grabbed, Held Captive, Pierced, Killed And Thrown Somewhere Down The Forest Hills. I Suddenly Realized  My Self-Being On The Land of This Cruel World. I Never Wished To Step My Feet Beyond The  Planet Earth. 

When Something Fell 
On My Cracked Lips, 
I Failed To Identify It.

When Something Forcibly 
Pierced My Eyes I Couldn't 
Withstand Myself.

When Something Crawled
Inside My Nostrils, 
I Was Totally Being 
Forced To Sneeze.

When Some Rope 
Forcibly Pulled My Ears
I Felt Someone
Is Hiding My Body
Under The Mud. 

The Moment My Finger Tips 
Felt The Touch of The Mud, 
The Moment My Nostrils
Grabbed The Blissful Smell of The Mud. 
The Moment My Mouth Swallowed 
Some Particles of Mud, 
The Moment My Ears Heard 
The Sound of The Crane,

I Realised, "Come What May", Someone Is Trying To Save Me Even At Pitch Dark. Those Torch Lights Were Piercing My Eyes, Some Dust Had Entered My Nostrils, For Which I Was Forced To Sneeze To Clear My Passage. So As To Atleast Pull The Air Inside To Breathe, To Keep Myself Alive, As Air Was The Only Food, With Which I Had To Sustain Myself. One of The Stem of The Baby Plant Had Grabbed & Tied Itself To My Ears For Its Support, As It Didn't Wanted To Be Grabbed Out of The Lap of Mother Earth. Thanks To Mother Earth For Giving Me A New Life. Some One Spotted My Body & I Was Finally Saved To Always Be Intact With Mother Earth!  

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VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

earth is our mother, always protecting and caring....

Tarang Sinha said...

Nicely crafted!:)

Josie Two Shoes said...

I like the twist of what is perceived as destruction actually being steps of salvation. Interesting play on images!

adithyasaravana said...

Beautiful. ..

Creativity said...

@ Vandana Sharma :- Thanks a Lot Dear :)

Creativity said...

@ Tarang Sinha :- Thanks A Lot Tarang :)

Creativity said...

@ Jossie :- Thanks A Lot Jossie :)

Creativity said...

@ Adithyasarava :- Thanks A Lot.