Monday, May 6, 2013

Strange Love!

After A Long Time, Headed Towards My Garden To Water My Plants. Just Then, I Had My Evening Cup of  Ginger Tea. As I Proceeded With Baby Steps Monitoring Each & Every Part of Every Plant, I Heard A  Parrots Sound! I Was Curious Enough To Confirm Myself Whether It Was A Parrot or Whether I'm Still Dreaming, As I Was Dreaming About Nature While Having My Cup of Tea.

Walking Slowly & Steadily, Looking Everywhere, As If My Eyes Lens Are Microscopic, Spotted A Parrot Who Was Sitting On Berry Tree, Posing Like A Spy Hiding From Someone's Visibility. Wowwww!!!!!!!! So Colorful, Beautiful, Mesmerizing Parrot....Wish I Could Hold You In My Arms, Were The Praises & Wish Which Suddenly Bursted Out From My Heart! I Went Around The Tree To Have His Closest Glimpse & To Capture Him Forever In My Lens & Heart. As I Went Behind The Tree, Saw A Cuckoo About To Land Herself On The Other Tree, Which Was Actually A Green Chilli Tree!!!!! Uffff What A Confusion I Sighed!!!!!!!

Immediately Within Zero Seconds, Parrot Started Singing........

I Knew You Well,
You Never Forget Me
You Breath With Me, And I Breath With You....[High Pitch]
My Heart Beats After Yourssss......
I Know Thee Created You For Meee
And, Me For Youuuu!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmm.......My Goodness!!!! Now I Clearly Understood, Why This Parrot Had Not Even Plucked A Single Green Chilly, Rather He Had Plucked Bunches of Berry's!!!! I Just Didn't Wanted To Be A Hindrance For Them, So I Just Came Back To My Kitchen, After Plucking Some Green Chillies To Use For My Dishes !!!!!

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments & Wishes For The Previous Post, "Rinku's Intelligence".

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