Friday, May 3, 2013

Rinku's Intelligence.


Gave him the
Ever protective place
On the table top to
Nest & Lay-eggs.

Its Amazing To Know This!!!!! This What Rinku Pigeon Has Done When We All Were Away For A Month!

Rinku Is A Cute & Sweet Pigeon. Though She just keeps changing her place of stay once a while, Never miss her lunch with me. She is highly intellectual & most knowledgeable Pet. For past a month,Couldn't meet her. The moment she saw me, angrily screamed & alerted me self-explaining that, she already noticed me peeping through the windowpane. The Moment I went to feed her from my palm, she perched herself on my shoulder and made weird noise, as if she was taking revenge of anger on me. Well, I understood her grief, irritation for the non-availability of  me and the food on her regular plate.  

I tried calming her down and made her understand that, I too had gone out of station for nearly a month & couldn't inform her before I left. She then calmed down, And Dancing with her feathers, showed me a Surprise!!!!! She always Thrilled me with her Surprises. But, This time, her Surprise was Unique compared to the one's she had given earlier. I just Grabbed her into my arms, seated her on my heart, fed her some grains from my palm, lovingly moved my palm on her feathers & kissed on her forehead, for which she reacted as if I embarrassed Her & She Flew off for a flight,  Came back and sat on her eggs.


Blue Moon said...

Wonderful...simple and sweet :)
Thanks for visiting my blog too...keep visiting...

adithyasaravana said...

"For which she reacted as if I embarrassed Her"-so nice in making a pigeon seem like a part of the family.. good luck rinku