Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Sia was a simple and sweet-natured girl with an attitude that was very different from others. She never used to involve herself in the kind of stuff that girls of her age would usually indulge in. She was very daring and straight-forward in her approach to situations in life. She was a very happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She was very confident in her approach towards life and believed that everything happened for a reason and so she never felt the need to plan anything. She would just let things happen and then take the situation to her advantage. In short, she believed in living life at the moment for she felt the next moment was uncertain. She only believed in herself and never relied on anything or anybody other than her. She had a lot of acquaintances but very few friends. She could sacrifice her life for her friends and her friends were ready to do the same for her. So she never had the need to look up to anybody else. She always felt that she would never fall for any guy in life. 

One day, there came a guy, called Swayam, who was very much like Sia in everything. Since their attitudes matched, and their thinking resonated each other, they soon became best friends. Sia never wanted any other feelings to develop between them but Swayam was ready to give his life for her, or so she felt. Not even once, did they think of putting a toe out of the line. One day, they realised they loved each other beyond words and were very happy in their life when, like a storm in the sea, Swayam suddenly said he was never serious about her. She had never imagined staying without him even in her wildest dreams and he accused her of using him for her selfish motive. Sia was shocked beyond everything else. She went into a depression and was treated by a psychiatrist for two months. 

During that time, one of her relative, a guy called Sukhi, a guy with a smile like his name, came forward to marry her at the cost of his parents' happiness but Sia was scared of going to the psychiatrist again in her life. So she stepped back from the proposal. By then Sia's parents got her married to a guy who was initially the soft-spoken, sweet-natured, humble guy but after the bethrotal, he changed a lot. He gave her mental tension to the extent that she thought of committing suicide twice. She felt that all the happiness in her life was no longer real. It was all an illusion. She tried to find happiness but in vain. Sia started getting nightmares in her sleep. She was losing her cool. She was getting weaker by the day. She cursed herself for having considered Swayam as her best friend. He never deserved the respect or emotion that she had showered upon him. She was not able to get adjusted to the new guy in her life. She realised how much she hated guys all her life, but now she was feeling was getting only stronger by the day. She started losing trust and hope in everything. She felt she would lose whatever she considered close to her. 

One night, she had a dream. A dream about a monkey and a running horse. She could figure out what it was. Two days later, the dream repeated but this time in a different way. She dreamt that her soul was taken away from her body and was in queue to be decided whether it must be sent up or down. When it was almost her turn, a monkey appeared out of nowhere and threw a stick at her and woke her up. Sia was very confused. She couldnt understand. She had set aside some time every day as realisation time during which she would recollect the previous day's events and conversation with different people. It was then that she understood her dreams. She had read in one of the holy scriptures that every night when a person sleeps their soul is collected by the God of Death who takes it to his kingdom and checks with his books whether the soul has completed its time on Earth or not. If yes, then it would be sent for further scrutiny, to decide whether the soul must be kept with him or sent to heaven. If not, he returns it back to the body. Probably that is what happened to Sia. It was her turn in the queue, when suddenly the monkey-God appeared and stopped her from going inside. It said Sia still had something to do in life and returned her back to her body. It was then that realisatio dawned upon Sia that in the dream about the monkey and the running horse, the monkey was trying to make her look back at the running horse as if to tell that she should not be running away from her problems but instead face it by making her turn and look at the running horse. The running horse meant that she has to put more efforts into her life at present to achieve her goal and that she should not give up and continue to run like the horse. The whole picture dawned on her. It was the beginning of a new life for Sia. It was her second chance. She remembered the words of a wise old turtle "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but TODAY is a gift. That is why is called as PRESENT." She understood the meaning of her life. She decided to forget her past and work towards a new beginning and carve a niche little place among the stars. All she had to do was believe in herself. The dream just brought back the old Sia, the happy-go-lucky and brave Sia who only believed in herself. When she woke up from her dream, she made coffee for her husband, Samarth, who like his name had completed her jigsaw puzzle of life. He simply looked at her, smiled and said "Sia, Sweet Innocent And my LOVE." For the first time in a long while, she blushed.....

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WOW What a story I think this must be the best write of yours, excellently written and an honour to read.


sulagna ™ said...

my god...sweety how did you come up with such thoughts??? m amazed

Amity said...

Very touching story...:)

Good we are able to realize that we have a second chance.

Keep on writing!!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

u touched every aspect of life in this story amazing write up :)..


septembermom said...

You have so much talent! I enjoyed every word of this story. Amazing.