Sunday, October 31, 2010

Music Healing !!!!!!!!!!!

A Child
Terribly Cried
Oceanic Tears
None of The Voice Tonic 
Could Support & Know 
The Reason.

Her Friend
Started Playing Piano
Could Notice Her
Recovering Face.

Could See 
Her Changing 
Facial Expressions
Her Actions Changed.

She Sat In
Meditating Posture
Closed Her Eyes
Complete Silence Everywhere.

Many Nature
Dreams Came Her Way 
Walking Along The 
Himalayas, Hills, Mountains
Oceans, Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
Chirping of Birds
Beautiful Colorful Rainbow
Bright Sun Shine
Birds Flying So High
Her Hands Stretched
Facing To The Sky
Mother Earth Grabbed
The Young Girl
With Her Beautiful
Tender Hands of Nature. 
Love of Mother Earth
Towards The Young Girl
Is Indescribable.

Mother Earth
Showered The Young Girl
With Her Blessings,
Gifted Young Girl
Colorful Balloons
Hugged Her And
Baby, I Love You!!!!!

Don't Be Sad
Don't Feel Down
I'm Always With You
I Knew You Couldn't
Attend Your Friend's
Birthday Party Cause
of The Heavy Downpour
You Sat In The Park 
In The Dark Fearing 
To The Owls.

But My Moon Was There
Taking Care of You
My Fairy White Owl
Took Care of You
And, I At last You Were
Back Home, When Your
Friend Saw You 
Sitting All Alone 
On The Bench of The Park.

You Recollected The 
Happenings & To Let
Out Your Feeling
Cried, Cried & Cried
Finally, Your Friend Knew
You Love Piano 
And She Started Playing :) :)

Now, Enjoy Your Day
Take These Balloons With You
Sun Showed You The
Bright Future
Rainbows Showed You
Colorful Life :) :)

Written For,
Thursday Tales.
Image Courtesy :- Janis Katlaps

PS :- Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Life And The Nature".


Hope said...

amazing! Beautifully written! Music does heal. I believe it has something to do with vibrations and tone!

enjoyed reading it
thank you

Jingle Poetry said...

love music,
awesome poem.

Jingle Poetry said...

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Feel free to take any awards from this post, enjoy!

Leo said...

beautiful optimistic poem, Creativity :)

septembermom said...

Beautifully done!