Tuesday, September 21, 2010


 Sweet And Cool Breeze
Tunes of The Heart Which 
I Always Hear And
Like The Most, Which Is Said As  
Lasting Beauty of Life!!!!!!

Written For,
Acrostic Only.
Prompt #1

A Little Cute Girl Was Very Fond of Horses. Her Father Was A Professional Horse Rider. She Too Wanted To Learn Ride Horses. But As She Was Too Young, Her Dad Told Cuite To Wait For Few More Years.
But For Her, Each Passing Day Was Like A Decade. She Was Standing On The Grass Staring At The Horses. One of The Horse Would Easily Identify Her & Would Run To Her To Greet Her.
One Such Pleasant Evening, When That Girl Went To The Horse Race Place To Call Her Dad, The Horse Which Would Always Greet Her, Came From The Opened Gate & Ran Towards Her. He Kneeled Down To Make It Easy For The Child To Climb On Him. As Cuitie Was Very Much Fond of Horses, She Jumped & Sat On Him. Horse Was Slow At His Speed & Cuitie Was Enjoying The Ride. 

But Her Dad Saw Her From Quite A Distance & Commanded The Horse To Come Back. As The Horse Came Back, He Mercilessly Scolded That Horse & Locked In Its Shed. From Then On, Cuitie Missed That Horse A Lot & Cry For Him Standing In Front of The Locked Gate :((

Both of Them Could Just Stare & Greet Each Other From Quite A Distance!!!!!!!

Such Was The Relationship With The Horse & The Kid. 

Written For 
Thursday Tales.

 PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments & Wishes For The Previous Post, "Thanksgiving 251st Post" 

These Days I'm Very Busy & Missed All Your Posts. Very Soon Will Visit Your Blogs!!!!! Everybody Take Care.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A wonderful post, pleasure to read.


KParthasarathi said...

Sad that dad scolded the horse and locked it up.A touching stroy well told.The picture is great

deeps said...

thats really sweet and cool story...

commited to life said...

veryy cute and touching..

septembermom said...

I really enjoyed this one. Thank you! Very nice.

Amity said...

a sad story for dear Cuitie!

why should a Dad scold a lil' innocent girl?

Creativity!! said...

Amity, Bcoz He Didn't Wanted His Daughter To Get Hurt Neither My Falling Down Nor By Any other means...normally, when u horse ride, our back pains if we r not used to it on regular basis. So he didn't wanted his daughter to ride a horse.