Friday, September 3, 2010

A Friend of Joy!!!!!!!!!

A friend of whom I thought,
A care of what I needed,
A touch to reveal my loneliness,
A trust of cane in heart,
 I was in search until to meet you!!

A smile of caring friend,
A life to a friend of joy,
A pain in loss of friend,
Was not that all I wanted!!!

A friend with a helping hand,
Whether in pain or joy,
To stand beside me and strengthen to pour,
Is what I needed!!!

You are my friend never to loose,
Until the day to have my last breath,
You are my friend always to share,
Until the day to have my last breath,
You’re my friend to see in the stars,
Until the day you make me lonely,
For a friend like you never to forget, but to pave a path in my heart!!!!!!!

PS :- Dearies, I Am Very Much Happy To Share With You All That, World of Creativity Is Reaching 250th Post Shortly. This IS 248th Post. This Is The Second Guest Post In This Space. Composed By Nature Lover :) :)
Here Is The Link of Nature Lover's Blog. Click Here.

I'm Very Much Happy & Thankful For The Guest Post. Do I Need To Comment About This Poem ?? If Yes, I'm Speechless. Thanks A Lot For Such A Beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Write Up :) :)  Nature Lover, You Have Very Well Said About Friendship :) :)

PPS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Happy Birthday Mom". Mom Was Extremely Happy For All Your Heartfelt Wishes & Compliments. She Asked Me To Thank You All For All Your Kind Wishes :) :) 
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Sowmya Partha, Click Here.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

What would we do without true friendship, people who are there for you whenever the need arises.

Lovely poem good to read.


Kirti said...

Dost wo hai use hamara dard pata hai,
Dost wo hai jo hame khush rakhata hai,
Dost wo hai jisme hum apanapan dekhte hai,
Dost wo hai ki jindagi ko jannat banaata hai....

Friends r d lovng hearts..
Freindz r d caring minds..
Friendz r d understanding peoples..
Friends r d valuable for time..
Friendz r d fighting nuts..
Friends r d naughty dude..
Friendz r d joyful games..
Friendz r d colorful for life..
Friends r ever n forever :)

I Love friendship n even like ur friendship in this poem.. n congratulation n good luck for nature lover (new guest)..

From Kirti...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is interesting. Good job with the writing!

septembermom said...

Very nice! Friends fill our hearts each day with peace and love.

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Thanks for the visit and comment, I think you did say a little bit more than you should have. I am not depressed, just have come to a not so good time of the year and being a positive person know I have to ride it through, I konw all about the good things in life and how bad feelings can over ride them I have studied books for years on this sort of thing, If you knew the REAL reason why I wrote what I did you would not have even considered writing what you did.