Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Friendship :) :)

"A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever"

Beauty Lies Internally As Well As Externally !!!!!!!!!

You Are Beautiful, Handsome, Caring,
Loving, Affectionate...............

You Understand My Pain 
Behind My Brief Smile.

You Understand My Excitement
Behind My Broad Smile.

You Understand My Happiness
Behind My Cool Tears.

You Understand My Dreadful Sorrow
Behind My Hot Tears........

I Love The Way You Are
I Love The Way You Look At Me,
I Love The Way You Stare At Me,
I Love The Way You Pamper Me.........

You Are My Most Beloved Companion
You Are Safely Locked Indepth of My Heart
Your Love & Affection Are Oceanic.

I Love You To The Core
At Times, I Hate You To The Core
When You Say, Sorry Baby, I Am Busy......
I Don't Have Time.......Will Call You Later.......

You Call Me When I'm Lecturing
When I Reject Your Call & Call Later
Then, Your First Word Would Be,
You Idiot......You Are The Only Lecturer In This World
To Mentally Kill Students.................

When, I Call You & If You Are Busy In Office
And Reject My Call & Call Later
Then, My First Word Would Be,
You Idiot.......You Are The Only Person For
Entire Company......As If Company Winds Up Its
Operations, If You Take A Single Second To Say Hi...Hello To Me.....

However You Are,
Where ever You Are,
Always Be Happy, Keep Smiling,
Maintain Our True Friendship Forever & Ever.

Both of Us Have Shared Many Positive
And Negative Happenings,
Both of Us Fight Like A Cat & A Dog......
Both of Us Disconnect Call When We 
Are In Anger......
Both of Us Are Possessive To Call Back & Say
I'm Sorry.....'Coz I Feel, Let Him Call me....And 
You Feel, Let Her Call Me!!!!!!!

But, Both of Us Are Very Good True Friends. 

Let's Remember, 
 "A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever".

Written For Carry On Tuesday.

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Is It Morning Yet"!!!!!!!!!

PPS :- Dearies, This Is A Pure Imagination Poem. I Missed You All These Days.......I Was Not Well. Now, I'm Fine & Back To My Blog After 5Days :) :) Will Very Soon Visit Your Blogs!!!!!! 



A true friend is worth everything in life.


Anya said...

Stars are like friends
there's always some around you just need to find your favorite one


Gauri Mathur said...

What happend to you?

deeps said...

thats the beauty of love in friendship...

Whitesnake said...

I am with Deeps

Yellow Tulip said...

loved it dear:)...true friends drive us crazy sometimes!!:)..n yet are the ones who keep us sane in this insane world!!