Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Sankranthi :) :)

Hi Dearies, After A Very Long Time, Back To Blogosphere. I Was Not In Station From 5th Jan-13th Jan. Had Been To Bangalore. I Missed All Your Posts. Really Extremely Missed You All. 

I Had Scheduled Certain Posts & It Was Published On Scheduled Date. Thanks  A Zillion For All Your Sweet Cherishable Wishes & Compliments For All The Previous Posts :) :) 

Will Share Details About The Trip In Next Post. Dearies, Today Is "Makara Sankranthi."

Sankranthi day marks the arrival in the farmers' houses of the grains that are the fruit of their labors. Sankranthi is a holy festival for a worldly achievement. It is also a cherished day of rest in the cool atmosphere. Man needs days of rest after a period of hard work. Only then he can enjoy peace of mind. "Samyak kranthi iti Sankranthi." Sankranthi confers peace and heralds a welcome change. It brings out the inner joy in people. It effects a change in life-style. It generates sacred thoughts. 

The Above Para Was Taken From online. Have Given A Link, For Your Reference. Click On Sankranthi Phrase. 

Well Dearies, Let Me Share This With You :-

In This Festival, After Offering Prayers To God/Goddess, We Share Yellu Bella, Sugarcane. "Yellu Bella Tindu Olle Mathadu". "Eat Sesame Seeds & Jaggery & Speak Only Good." 

We Exchange This Sesame Seeds & Jaggery With Our Near & Dear Ones, Saying, Maintain Good Relationship Forever & Ever & Always Speak Good.

Makara Is A Jyothi. This Jyothi Could Be Seen In Shabari Malai[ Shabari Hills]. Shabari Is Great Devotee Of Sri Rama.   Details About Shabari Malai, Is Here

PS :- Wish You All A Very Happy Pongal. 


prajyot said...

happy makarsancranti..tilgul ghya godd godd bolla

sm said...

Happy Sankranthi
tilgul ghya godd godd bolla

Amity said...


thanks for sharing about your Sankranthi festival...:)

Have a nice day...:)

I miss you in my place...:)

Anya said...

Happy Sankrathi Festival and thanks for sharing it with us :-)

Anya :-)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Sahana:)

Greetings and good wishes:)

Your blog design is very beautiful.

Many thanks for the write up on Makara Sankranthi. Although I have heard this word before, I never really understood the meaning except the fact that light is lit in Sabari Malai.

India has a rich culture, tradition and religious festivals which willl not be found anywhere in the world.

Yesterday, I had a job in Apollo Tyres, Kalamaserry. A friend of mine whose name is Ganesh did not have his lunch. He said that he was skipping lunch becuse of the eclipse. Our customs are really amazing.

Wish you all the very best:)