Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Words With Almighty!!!!!!

My Mind Is Rightly Set On You
To Just Think of You Always 
No Matter, How Much Ever Worse
Situation May Come Across!!!!!

I Always Hold You Tight
I Cry & Share All My Pains
Forever And Ever 
Till My Last Breath!!!!

You Are Safe Guarded
In Depth of My Heart
Which Is A Pleasant Place
Decorated With Red Color Fluid!!!!!

My Eyes Looks At You Always
My Nose Smells The Blessed Fragrance
And My Skin Feels The Touch of Your Lotus Feet
And, My Heart Loves You Always!!!!

I Trust You
I Believe You
I Have Faith In You
I Patiently Wait For Your Surprises!!!!!!

I Do My Level Best
I Always Live Positive
I Inhale & Exhale Good Thoughts
I Motivate & Inspire Myself
To Just Accept Life, As It Comes,

 Formula of Success :- Self-Determination, Effort & Hard-Work Gives Success. Trust Your Ability & Pray For God's Support!!!!!!! 

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