Monday, May 2, 2011

Balboa Zoo Park.

Beautiful Pelicans At The Entrance of Balboa Zoo Park, San Diego.

The Colorful Bird Is American Duck. 

Peacock Exhibiting Its Beautiful Attractive Feathers. 

On Its Way Back! 

Polar Bear!

He Looked Quite Agitated. 

He Is Extremely Angry. He Must Not Be Liking To Stay There. Though The Enclosure of Polar Bear Is Like Antarctica, Its Not Used To Stay In Artificially Made Enclosures. Very Sad Indeed :(

Hey Hi, I'm Baby Polar Bear :) 

I'm Eating Grass. I Love Carrots Too! 

Hey, I'm In Playmood ;) And Sleepy Too!!

My Caretaker, Is Feeding Me Carrot Slices & I'm Relishing Them. I Am Kuwa 22Yr Old Panda. Father of 9Month Baby Panda. 

Few More Carrot Slices Please! 

After Confirming Himself That, The Bucket Is Empty And He Relished All Carrot Slices, He Is On His Way Back To The Visitors. 

Relishing Some More Carrot Slices Kept Here & There. 

Another Specialty of Panda Is That, To Visit Panda's One Has To Wait For 10-15Minutes And Then, Should Maintain Complete Silence. The Board Is Put Up In The Entrance, Please Maintain Silence. Panda's Are Sensitive. They Don't Like Noise. Not Even Whispering. The 9Month Old Panda, Had Slept. His Caretaker Told Us That, There Was Some Repairs Going On And Because of The Noise He Got Irritated And Went To Sleep In His Room !! 


PS :- Dear Bloggers, Yet To Upload Few More Photos of This Zoo Park. In The Next Post, We Shall Have A Look At Dolphin's Show, White Whale, Shamu Whale's Show & Many Many More. 


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Superb pictures, most heart warming.
You'll be pleased to know the A to Z Challenge is


Being Pramoda... said...

That's so wonderful of you..:) grt pics dear..awaiting the dolphin show..!!

adithyasaravana said...

oh.. yeah.. nice pics..the panda seems cute..

deeps said...

thanks for sharing :)

Sh@s said...

Nice pics and captions :)

septembermom said...

Awesome pictures! Very nice :)

Connie Arnold said...

Great pictures! I was attracted by the zoo theme, since I have that on my children's blog new post as well. My pictures aren't as good though!

Hope said...

i'm glad I returned to your blog for I thought i had left a comment on it days ago.

your images are wonderful. brings back memories of the times we took our children to the zoo.

thank you for sharing
hope all is well!

Munir said...

This is a beutiful blog. I am glad that I ran into it. Where is this Balboa Zoo Park?