Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Morning !!!!!!!!!!!

After A View of
Hanging Moon
On A Starlit Sky
Back To The Sunshine.

I Prayed Almighty
To Throw Away 
Worries Along 
With The Cool Breeze. 

My Eye Lids
Embraced The
Darkness To 

My Mind Kept 
Thinking Various Matters
My Soul Was Scared 
Didn't Allow Me To Sleep. 

Mickey Stayed With Me
Was Just Waiting For
My Cuckoo's To Come 
And Wake Me Up.

To The New Beginning
To The New Day of Life
To Breathe Fresh Air
To Hope For The Best.

Sun's Rays Screwed 
My Closed Eye Lids
Forcing My Eyes To 
See The Brightest Day!!!!!!!!!

Yes, Truly It Was A 
Wonderful Good Morning :) :)

PS :- Dear Bloggers, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For The Previous Post, "Colorful Life With Colorful Parrots".


prajyot said...

Very nicely written

KParthasarathi said...

excellent Sahana

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Excellent, a pleasure to read.


septembermom said...

It's always nice to greet the morning with happiness :)

Hope said...

i'm so glad you had a wonderful morning. Morning's are my favorite time of day

wonderfully well written and a pleasure to read, as always.
thank you

lakeviewer said...

This feels cheery and uplifting, just like a Disney movie! I'm inclined to step it up and sing along to the tune of...

deeps said...

thats sure for a GooD moning :D