Monday, August 2, 2010

Cute Angel, My Sis :) :)


Among Infinite Stars In The Sky
I Met A Special Star
With My Tears Filled Eyes. 

Special Star Asked About My Tears
I Said, I Need A Caring, Lovable
Affectionate, Trusted Soul To Be My Friend.

Then, It  Took Me To The Stars
And Introduced Me, Saying 
She Is An Angel & Needs An Angel.

A Small Cute Angel Came On A Bird
Sat Near Me, Spoke Many Good Words
Inspired & Motivated Me & Promised To
Be My Friend Forever & Ever.

And She Is My Most Favorite Humble Kind Sister.
My Sister Is My Friend, Best Companion & Everything To Me.
I Sincerely Dedicate This Poem To My Most Beloved Loving Sis, Appu :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments & Wishes For My Previous Post. 

PPS :- Dearies, Our Siblings Are Everything To Us. I Sincerely Dedicate This Poem To My Sis. 


May said...

You are blessed to have a wonderful sister. I know she is a shining star. Love to you both.

HaRy!! said...

i never have a sister... all my family full of broz :(!! love the love yu hav !bless yu!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Your sister should be proud of you, this is a beautiful dedication. Made wonderful reading


septembermom said...

You have such lovely, warm feelings for your sister. This is very nice.