Saturday, July 24, 2010

Whispers of Strained Human Brain!!!!!!!!!!!

Compressed Legs Want To Stretch Completely
Hands Need Some Rest After A Hectic Work
Strained Back Needs Rest On A Cot
Drained Eyes Wants Some Cucumber Slices.

Tired Face Needs Some Cool Face Wash
Hungry Tummy Needs Something To Be Immediately Fed
Tongue Thirsts For Special Dishes, Yummy Stuffs.
Mind Needs Rest After A Continuous Work

Brain Says, I Am Completely Exhausted
You Think On Many Matters
You Investigate On Many Unwanted Matters As An "Investigating Officer"
Common, I Need Rest. Take Me To My Partner, Named "PILLOW".

Nose Is Running To The Next House

As They Are Preparing Some Special Dish
To Control My Nose, I Decided To Prepare Some Special Dish :) :)
My Mickey Is Sleepy & He Wants Me To Join Him Very Soon :)

Common Mickey, Lets Sleep :) :)
Stretching Completely Feels As Though I'm Flying In Air!!!!!!!!
Good Night Everybody. Sleep Well. Take Care.
Will See You All Tomorrow Morning :) :)

PS :- Blogger Friends, Thanks A Lot For All Your Cherishable Compliments For Previous Post, "Whispers of Rain". 



Harish said...

The night is such a lovely time to work with peace and solitude. Sad that brain keeps reminding us of sleep at that time. :(

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I seem at times to be just going to sleep and an idea or phrase for a poem will come into mind. I always leave a pen and paper nearby to jot things down.
I just adored your poem, very well written.

Enjoy your wekk-end.

Being Pramoda... said... i dont get ny such...:) used to happen whn i was in college.. nicely put sahana..

hoiden said...

nicely put...the pics made me smile:)

Amity said...

Oh pillow, my pillow, he is my best friend eversince I was born and especially now that most part of the year I am alone...:-)

I missed you Sahana...:-)

And I love the innocence you portrayed in this poem of yours!

Keep sharing dear, have a wonderful week ahead, good mownin'...:)