Saturday, October 10, 2009

Courage/Significance Of Courage :) :)

Courage Is Gifted By God,
Which Will Be Hiding Deep Inside Us :)

Courage Should Be Exercised At The Time
Of Crisis, Fears, Decisions.......

Courage Plays A Vital Role To
Make Our Life Safe, Secured & Sacred.

Courage Plays A Vital Role,
When Some1 Degrades You,
When Some1 Hurt You,
When Some1 Says, You Are Failed, You Cannot Come Up In Life......

Courage Is Not Something, Which Is Unattainable.
It Is A Mental Tool To Firm Our self, With Our
Views, Opinions, Thoughts, When Our Heart Becomes Imbalanced.

Courage Can Help Us To Be Truth To Ourself,
Courage Also Helps, When Some1 Doubts Us,
We Will Not Be Hurt, Whensome1 Doubt Us,
Since Courage Fights The Talks Of Foolish People,
Who Doubt On Us :) :)

Courage Is Also A Cold War Between Our Dreams & Reality
In spite of Hardships, Fears, Criticisms, Disapproval, Mistakes, Failures.

So Be Dare Devils To Face Any Kind Of Situation :) :)

Courage Is A Key For Happiness, Pleasure & To Have Control Over Our Mind & Tasks :) :)


Adopt, "DON'T CARE POLICY''[DCP] Helps In Many Fields. If Some1 Try To Insult, Hurt, Even Then, We Will Not Be Hurt, Since We Have DCP With Us :) :) This Policy Was Introduced By Me....Later On I Taught This To My Sis, Few Of My Friends & Now, I Have Shared DCP With You All :) :)

PS :- Dearies, Thanks A Zillion For All Your Sweet Cherishable Compliments To My Previous Post :)

PPS :- Sometimes, It Happens That, Nothing Flash My Mind, What To Write ?? Then, I Take A Break To Think & Implement :) Orelse, If My Mind Is Over Flowing With Many Thoughts, Views, Imaginations, Ideas, Then, I Can Share With You All Atleast A Single Poem For A Day :) :)

Does This Happen To You All ?? If So, What Can Be The Reason ?? Why Does Mind Becomes Blank ?? I Really Searched For Answers By Digging Deeply, But In Vain :(

All Of You Take Care :) All The Very Best Success :) :) Have A Fabulous Weekend Ahead :) :)


Leo said...

yeah, courage is indeed all that u say! :)
regards blank periods when nothing hits the brains, yeah it happens to all writers. nothin to worry about!! :) thing is, u have to write soon. if u go sayin, i cant write, nothin is comin. lemme take a long time to think..then u'll just get lazy and dont think of writing itself.. :)

there can be lot of reasons for mind becomin blank.. usually its just a mood off... :D it'll get fixed in no time...

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Baby!!
Well Written !!

Snow White said...

hi sahana ,
what u have said about courage is really true :)thanks for a wonderful and inspiring post..:)
i really got to learn your DCP policy..will surely try.. :)
happy weekend to you too dear :)
about being blank i completely agree with leo..
keep going dear :)


Very well written .


septembermom said...

Those drought periods of writing can be rough. I find it helpful to jot down my thoughts in a journal. They may get some "wings" in the future. Your poem is well written as always!!

Being Pramoda... said...

hi sahana,

Courage has to be excercised..yeah..i too believe it ..

**Courage Is Also A Cold War Between Our Dreams & Reality
In spite of Hardships, Fears, Criticisms, Disapproval, Mistakes, Failures.

loved ur these liness......soo sooo true and to implement it, sometimes it takes much pain also...

pour ur thouts here...

Creativity!! said...

Leo :- I Agree With Ur Words :) :) Thanks A Zillion Vinay :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Gauri Mathur :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Snow White :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Yvonne :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Kelly :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :)

S, I Agree With Ur Words Too Kelly :) :)

Creativity!! said...

Pramoda :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :) S, Sometimes, It Pains As Well :) :)

Yellow Tulip said...

:)...soo true:)...very well written dear

Creativity!! said...

Yellow Tulip :- Thanks A Zillion Dear :) :)

PD said...

छोटी बहन की चुहलबाजी को कोई भला दिल पर लेता है क्या? :)

दिवाली और भाईदूज की शुभकामनायें..

और हां.. कविता बहुत सुंदर है.. :)

Creativity!! said...

PD :- Babhut Bahut Shukriya :) :)