Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wonderful Good Morning!!

Today, I woke Early in Morning
I felt the cold breeze, as though
I'm near to sea.

Early Morning starts with,
Chirping of Birds,
Melody of Birds.

Near my window,
I saw a Pigeon, eagerly
waiting for me to feed his channa,
with loads of love and affection.

I could see all God's creature,
& experience it.

Morning is Extremely Beautiful,
No words to describe it.

Morning is so fresh,
That anything can be done.

Morning brings new ideas,
which may show a way
to ample of opportunities.

Morning brings new opinions,
which makes to realize the way
to solve any trouble or handle any situation.

Early Morning is said to be auspicious
Because of Brahmi Muhurtham[Goddess Saraswathi Time period]

This is a favorable time for Sadhana.
When most of the world is in Deep Sleep.

Hence, its right time for Students &
also for others who are in way to achievement.

I Love Morning,
Ever Grateful to
God's Creatures.

One wakes up in Morning,
By chanting auspicious manthra,
By seeing palm.

"कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मी करमध्ये सरस्वती
करमूले स्थिता देवी प्रभाथे कर दर्शनं।।

On the palm, goddess Lakshmi[Wealth] , In middle of the palm goddess Saraswathi[education], Corner of the palm, goddess Gowri/Durga [Shakthi]. I pray to u all in this early morning. I pray to protect me, give me good wealth & education.

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